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Every Child Deserves to Sparkle

Did you know that a child is lured or forced into trafficking

every 26 seconds?

That’s about 140 kids an hour!

Over 3 thousand kids a day!

And more than 1 million kids a year!

Did you know that child trafficking is a global problem?

It’s not just happening overseas, but also in every state across America.

iEMPOWER! was created

to raise awareness of child trafficking

and to support survivors.

Doesn’t every child deserve to sparkle?

Star Ornament

How Can YOU Help? 

iEMPOWER! is launching two campaigns

where YOU can make a difference. 

Campaign #1: Buy a Star, Empower a Child! 

iEMPOWER! adopted a Destiny Rescue home in Thailand

where survivors heal and rebuild their lives.

Each child is offered vocational training of his or her choice

to transition out of the sex trade and secure future earnings.

Thai Girl Making Jewelry

iEMPOWER! has teamed up with the Destiny Rescue Jewelry Studio Artists

to find homes for their Holiday Star Ornaments!

Campaign #2: Be an Advocate, Make a Difference!

If you want to help fight child trafficking,

please consider buying a Star Kit

to help raise awareness and support survivors.

Every Star Kit includes ten Holiday Star Ornaments.

By selling, gifting, or donating each of the ten Stars,

you have helped spread the word to ten more people and

have further empowered survivors.

Your purchase provides hope and gives children a chance to a new life and to sparkle.

everyone deserves to sparkle 1

Every Star is a one-of-a-kind treasure

handcrafted by a sex trade survivor.

Click here to make a purchase.

Extra Credit: Please support us in raising awareness of child trafficking by emailing us a photo of you and your Star to iEMPOWERkids@comcast.net and we will sing your praises in a video on our blog as a Star Advocate who empowered a child!

Help Aubrey reach her goal of 100 photos

by January 1, 2016!

Together we can do it!





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