Q & A with Kate Klimo: DOG DIARIES – BARRY

BARRY hiresI’d like to welcome the magnificent Kate Klimo to Dog Reads today!

What is the title of your book? Pub date and publisher?

Dog Diaries #3: Barry, September 2013, Penguin Random House Books for Young Readers

Who is your key

Q & A with Kate Klimo: DOG DIARIES #1 – Ginger

GINGER hiresI’d like to welcome Kate Klimo back to Dog Reads, a blog that features author interviews with those who write dog stories for kids. Her Dog Diaries series are illustrated by Tim Jessell who was interviewed recently on Dog Reads.

Q & A with Kate Klimo: DOG DIARIES – BUDDY

author of Dog Diaries #2: Buddy

buddyWho is your key dog character? Tell us about him/her.

KATE: This is the true story of Buddy, (born Kiss), a German shepherd who was the first ever guide dog.

In 70 words or less, provide a succinct plot description

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