The Story Behind LARA’S GIFT

The setting in Lara’s Gift is based on a real place in Russia where some of the best borzoi dogs originated. Anyone who knows borzoi understands how pervasive the Woronzova kennel was in its time, as well as how it influenced contemporary borzoi lines of today. The famous Woronzova kennel once owned by Count Artemii Vorontsov and situated on his grand country estate in Vorontsovka, Russia no longer exists in the way it once did. In my research I contacted Count Artemii Vorontsov’s great-great-great-nephew, Professor Alexander Woronzoff-Dashkoff, a superb researcher in his own right, to fill in some gaps. He was not only generous giving me family insights, but he also offered to read Lara’s Gift when I finished writing it. It was the scariest thing I did before sending Lara’s Gift to my editor. I was so proud of his response I carried his letter with me for a year and insisted that it become the afterword in Lara’s Gift. It gives me boundless pleasure to share it with you on my webpage.

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